WarnerMedia real estate boss, Thomas Santiago, dead


Thomas Santiago, Global Head of Real Estate for WarnerMedia,
has died from complications from metastatic cancer. He was 63.

A well-know figure on the real estate circuit, Mr Santiago
was a committed supporter of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and
served on the national board of directors for the DRI’s Empire Ball.

He also worked to promote Hispanic businesses through
fundraising for the National Hispanic Business Group.

Born in the Bronx to Puerto Rican immigrants Tomás and Margarita Santiago, he began his real estate career as a high-rise construction worker before graduating from New York University with a B.S. in Real Estate and landing at Citigroup in a role that saw him oversee space management, finance, human resources planning, and oversight of real estate administration.

He steadily rose through the ranks to ultimately lead
Citigroup’s North America real estate operations. After two decades with
Citigroup, he went on to lead Global Real Estate for WarnerMedia where he was
responsible for hundreds of properties and thousands of employees around the

Significant career highlights include leading WarnerMedia’s
sale of the Time Warner Center and the construction of the new corporate
headquarters at Hudson Yards.

 In 2017 The Hispanic
Executive heralded him as “The Designer” and one of their “Top 10 Líderes” in
industry. A shining leader and mentor, Tom is fondly remembered by team members
as a great colleague with boundless enthusiasm and curiosity.

Following the death of his uncle and godfather, Tom
committed himself to the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and served on
the national board of directors for the DRI’s empire ball.

Mr Santiago lived in West Milford, NJ, and was an avid fisherman,
a hobby that would take him to multiple locations around the world. Later in
his life, he became a golf enthusiast where he spent countless hours honing his
craft on and off the course. He had a passion for art, a distinct affinity for
wine, and a keen eye for interior design which were curated by his own
sensibilities and refined by his close relationships with friends and

He passed away on October 26, 2020. He is preceded in death
by his parents and his daughter Lulu. He is survived by his loving wife
Lourdes, three sons Christopher, Matthew, and Justin, seven grandchildren and
sisters Margaret and Miriam.

Memorial services for Thomas will be held at a later date in
2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In lieu of flowers, donations may be
made in honor of loved ones to: Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network and Memorial
Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

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