Time for Thanksgiving and Family


The Thanksgiving holiday is a time for family, friends, and a heartfelt thanks for all our blessings. It is time to enjoy a special meal, maybe a football game, sleeping late, and remembering how far we have come on life’s journey.

If Covid is making a traditional holiday impossible for you, I sincerely hope that your extended family and relatives are safe and in your mind. If all you can manage is a phone or zoom call, be grateful you can still connect. There are over 265,000  Americans this year who can only be accessed in our memories. 

It is a time to give thanks that the year, 2020, is almost over. There is always a feeling of renewal and fresh possibilities at the start of a new year. All of us will really hope that is true in just 5 weeks.

It is a time for me to thank those who have viewed satisfying retirement blog almost four million times since it began in June of 2010.

It is time for me to thank my regular readers.

It is a time to thank all those who leave comments, send me e-mails, or just let me know they are there. Even when we disagree, we are polite and show each other common courtesy..a rare commodity today.

It is time for me to turn off the computer and join the family.

Give thanks!