Satisfying Retirement In A Changing World: Goodbye 2020



I hope this photo is inspirational. Don’t we all feel like we just about fell into a chasm in 2020? Don’t we relish the leap into a new year, with promises of better things ahead?

The pandemic didn’t end at the stroke of midnight. The chaos in Washington isn’t close to settling down. The economy needs a strong shot of…something, anything. Face masks will not go into a drawer anytime soon.

Yet, through the quirk of our system of measuring time, the click of the clock gives the sense of a fresh slate. It is largely symbolic and never a guarantee of better times. However, for at least a while, we all band together with new determination to leave a miserable year in our rearview mirror.

I wish the very best to you and your loved ones in the days, weeks, and months ahead. 

Betty and I will spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s morning with the grandkids…playing games, staying up until the stroke of midnight, and collapsing on beds and couches until scrambled eggs and bacon and strong coffee for me ushers in a new dawn.

Good riddance 2020

Happy New Year 2021