Monadnock to develop 360-unit community on Staten Island’s north shore


The city has tapped Monadnock Development to build a
360-unit affordable housing development on Staten Island’s North Shore.

Monadnock will partner with Sisters of Charity Housing
Development Corporation (SCHDC) and The Master Group to transform the city-owned
site in Stapleton into a fully affordable mixed-use development with a health
and social program for seniors operated by ArchCare, a new medical space for
Richmond University Medical Center, and a counseling center for the YMCA of
Staten Island.

 More than half of the
homes will serve extremely and very low-income households, including 54 homes
reserved for formerly homeless households.

“As a part of the Bay Street Corridor Neighborhood Plan, we worked closely with residents and EDC to envision new, high quality affordable housing that integrates resilient design, critical green space, and other neighborhood amenities,” said HPD Commissioner Louise Carroll. “This development team put together a strong proposal to meet needs identified by the community, pairing more than 300 affordable homes with community facility space focused on improving health outcomes for the neighborhood.”

Rendering of the Stapleton Site A redevelopment by Monadnock.

Stapleton Site A is a vacant lot south of Hannah Street in the Stapleton Section of the North Shore. The project is part of the New Stapleton Waterfront District, a 35-acre decommissioned Navy Base. The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is overseeing the City’s redevelopment and selected the Monadnock through an RFP process. .

As well as housing, the development will include significant infrastructure improvements such as road reconstruction, bicycle and walking paths, and better connections to public transit.

The development team Bernheimer Architects and Starr
Whitehouse who will lend their expertise on resilient architecture and vibrant
landscaping to the project, which takes a comprehensive and integrated approach
to addressing multiple climate hazards, including sea level rise, increasing
precipitation, and increasing temperatures through resilient design.

The design also creates a strong sense of place by
connecting residents and the community to the waterfront, a key goal that
participants identified in the City’s community engagement sessions. The site
plan and landscape design work together to address flood risks from potential
coastal surge storms, and extreme precipitation.

Design components include thoughtfully placed building
entrances that decrease the need for deployable flood barriers; Sloped lawn and
landscape areas that direct stormwater into a series of bioswales, channels
designed to absorb or carry runoff from heavy rain and reduce the load on the
sewer system.

Undulating and reflective street walls will enhance pedestrian experience and connect the site to the waterfront and significant landscaped areas will promote good health and active lifestyles, including a walking path on the rooftop, which also contains a solar array and rooftop farm for residents.


“We are grateful to HPD and the City of New York for
selecting our proposal to help bring the New Stapleton Waterfront to life,”
said Nick Lembo, Founder and Managing Member of Monadnock Development. “We also
want to thank our partners at SCHDC and the Master Group for their vision and
collaboration. We look forward to working together to create resilient
affordable housing and community facilities that will serve New Yorkers of all

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