Life is a Box of Chocolates…or Jelly Beans


First posted over seven years ago, this is one of the more powerful visuals I have seen in quite a while. In a way you can’t ignore, it shows us the effects of decisions we make with the time given to us. Then, it asks some important, possibly life-changing questions.

With a new year just ahead, this seems like a good opportunity to talk about time.

Watch the video, read my recap, and see what your answers may be.

If all that went by too quickly, the average American will live 28,835 days, or 79 years. How do we spend that time?

  • Just to get to the edge of adulthood, age 15 in this example, we spend 5,475 days.
  • 8, 477 days are spent asleep
  • 1,635 days are spent eating and preparing food
  • 3,202 days are spent at work
  • 1,099 days are spent commuting to that work, or other errands
  • 2,676 days are spent watching television in some form
  • 1,576 days are spent doing chores and household duties
  • 564 days are spent caring for family and friends
  • 671 days are spent bathing, grooming, and other bathroom duties
  • 720 days are spent on community and religious activities

That leaves, on average, 2,740 days, or 7.5 years of our life to do everything else that interests or motivates us.

So, the obvious questions:

*Depending on your age, how many “beans” do you think you may have left?

*What do you plan on doing with them?

*What if only half of those 2,740 beans are left in your pile. Now what?

*What if only half of that half is left? What would you do differently?

*How are you going to spend your remaining beans?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?