Know When To Fold ‘Em


It started with a need. As I struggled through the first phase of my enforced retirement, I was looking for help…help in the form of guidance from someone who had been down this path before and could tell me where the pitfalls were, how to manage life without work, and what made retirement worth it.

After several years of figuring it out for myself, I realized there were very few resources for someone like me. Plenty of websites would help me with financial decisions and choices. But, to learn about managing my time, strengthening important relationships, managing my money without obsessing over it, finding hobbies and interests, and making where and how to live choices, there wasn’t much available.

After nearly a decade, I figured I had some thoughts and cautions to share. Plus, writing was something I loved and wanted to do every day. So, Satisfying Retirement was launched in June of 2010 specifically to fill that need for all aspects of retirement information from someone who was living it, as he wrote.

Nearly 4 million views, 1100 posts, and 30,000 comments and questions later, apparently that need was legitimate. With five books, co-authorship in four others, and a profile in a national magazine, I have been privileged to spread the message that retirement is the stage of life that is only limited by your imagination and creativity.

It has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life, certainly for me, and I hope, for many others.

Like everything in life, change occurs. A path chosen begins to lose its way in the forest—the drive to do something fresh forces a look for new challenges. What once was fulfilling begins to feel too much like an obligation. 

When a journey has taken someone to the logical end of the road, it is essential to accept reality and find a new path. As the song says, you’ve got to know when to fold ’em.

When one accepts life’s limits, that means we know the number of opportunities for making a difference and accepting challenges is not endless. To continue to trek along a path out of habit is against everything I have been writing about.

All of that leads me to this: with this post, I am ceasing publication of Satisfying Retirement. The website will remain active for the time being, so you can come back and read any of the 1100+ posts from the past. Also, I want to protect the Satisfying Retirement name from being taken over by someone else, someone who isn’t interested in what was built here. The email address will continue to work.

Thank you for the support and warm words. My decision may be a bit of a shock and disappointment, but I trust you understand. 

A Satisfying Retirement is completely within your grasp. Go out today and give it all you’ve got.

All my best,