Holt names first female CEO in its 100-year history


Holt Construction Corp. has named Patricia Zugibe as the first
female to lead the company in its over 100-year history.

Zugibe joins Jack Holt, chairman, and Christopher Asaro, president
in leading the executive management team into the next generation of
construction services.

“Turning the CEO position over to Patricia Zugibe feels like
shifting a performance sports car into high gear,” said Holt.  “With her ability, knowledge, experience and
drive she will be guiding the Holt organization to the next level. We look
forward to her striking an essential balance in this male-dominated
construction industry.”

Zugibe brings a myriad of leadership roles spanning over
three decades as a principal owner of development and construction companies,
acting county executive, and an attorney.

She started her tenure at Holt Construction in 2014 as in-house Counsel overseeing all transactional legal matters including litigation, ethics and compliance, corporate governance and risk management.


With a strong background in risk management, building
policies and construction, she is a champion of placing safety as a cornerstone
of the company’s practices, promoting a zero-incident philosophy and committed
to cultivating a diverse family culture with an emphasis on community

 “When the world was
turned upside down by COVID-19, Patricia Zugibe was instrumental in developing
a game plan that safeguarded the care and wellbeing of our employees and their
families, while continuing to perform business on behalf of clients safely and
efficiently,” noted Asaro.

Zugibe’s primary focus is to preserve the Hotl’s historic
100-year-plus legacy as a construction leader, while setting a course for
continued growth in the future. 

Founded in 1919, the company has managed to survive and
thrive through two global pandemics, two World Wars, a Great Depression and
Great Recession. 

“I’m proud to take on the stewardship of Holt’s incredible
legacy, reflecting on its resolve and tenacity to successfully navigate and
persevere over 100 years in the construction industry by mitigating risk,
staying the course and delivering exceptional client service,” said Zugibe.

Holt has represented a multitude of clients in airports,
infrastructure,  healthcare, retail and
education. The company has built over 30 million square feet of retail spaces
including the development of Woodbury Commons; airport lounges including the
United Airlines Polaris club and American Express Centurion lounge; SUNY
Rockland Technology Center, Montefiore St. Luke Cornwall comprehensive chronic
care center, extended work on behalf of the pandemic for Pfizer on its Rockland
County, NY campus; and the building of a temporary hospital with the Army Corps
of Engineers in a record 14 days at Bergen New Bridge Medical Center in
Paramus, NJ.

 Holt has represented
the critical technology sector throughout the country on behalf of Lumen and
Goldman Sachs. It is currently working on American Airlines Terminal 8 at JFK,
among other projects across the country.

Prior to joining Holt Construction, Zugibe  was a partner in PVZ Development, a
residential rental property company, and owner of North Rockland Developers
Inc. and Zugibe Construction, Inc.  Some
of her previously held positions and career highlights include County Attorney
and Acting County Executive for the County of Rockland, NY; Attorney for the
Town of Stony Point, NY; Southern CA Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)
Board of Directors; and President of the NYS County Attorney’s Association.

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