Have You Changed Your Plans?



A question I haven’t dared ask for the last few years: What are your travel and vacation plans for the rest of this year? Are the pent-up Covid restrictions leaving you travel-desperate? Is this the year you are going to make up for lost time, canceled excursions, or that trip of a lifetime that sank beneath the waves of disease?

Or, has the experience of the last few years permanently altered how you approach the idea of getting on planes, cruise ships, trains, or even an extended RV or road trip? Has the prospect of various variants varied your mindset? 

If judging by the reports of packed airplanes and long lines at airport security I would think your answer is, Yes, we are hitting the road again.”  Even with higher than normal plane fares and talk of fuel surcharges due to a tripling of jet fuel costs, there does not appear to be much damping of the demand. Eevn car rental costs that are as much as the plane fare aren’t keeping millions of us at home.

After losing a month-long cruise to New Zealand and and first-ever visit to Quebec in 2020, Betty and I were itching to go somewhere. We did make it to Kaua’i last September and Disney World a few months ago. She wants to go back to England and Ireland in the next few years, so long distance travel is still part of our planning. 

One major, change for us involves crusing. The thought of being on a floating petri dish for weeks at a time, with the very real possibility of having some sort of infection drastically affecting the experience, has soured us on that type of travel. I’m afraid the trip to Tahiti, Fiji, and New Zealnd will only be a “what if” memory.

For the rest of this year, the only firm plan is a 4-day family trip to the White Mountains of Arizona. That 5 hour drive and stay in a cabin in the woods will be a nice, if all too brief, break from the July heat at home. 

As you know from an earlier post we did finally buy a new car. Speaking of high prices! That vehicle cost twice as much as our first home as a newly married couple. That decision makes us hesitant to take another big vacation trip this year. The investment account will need a little time to recover, especially as the markets are particularly nervous at the moment.

What about you? Has Covid been just a temporary bump in your vacation travel road? Does the pentup need to see, explore, and experience need to be satisfied? Are you figuring that time does not stretch out ahead of you forever, so you want to do all you can while still healthy and have a strong desire to add to your memories?

Or, have two years of restrictions and very real health scares combined to make you rethink the need for excursions? Have you found yourself content with home and your local area? Are you willing to give the various vaccinations and boosters a bit longer to take full effect?

Time to tell us!